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Text Messaging – The Story

Since Match.com went live two decades ago, it was the first dating site, there is a lot of changing in the online dating world within the last couple of years. There is an enormous rise in apps and websites all designed to help people meet online.

Text messaging is most likely the biggest “simulator” open to men to learn how to approach women, start interactions, spark attraction and creating chemistry and sexual tension with girls.

Text messaging has become the most popular way to communicate in the whole world. Communication apps like Viber, Whatsapp, FaceTime, SMS instant messengers and texting messengers applications like Facebook Messenger are making online communication quick, fast, mostly free and it doesn’t require you pausing what you are doing. Also every girl you are communicating with has hundreds of messages bombarding her every day. She has Facebook messages, IM chats, texts, phone calls, Skype, Twitter. You are competing for her very limited attention span.

If you are texting women using such an “impersonal” medium, it’s important that you understand that all other channels of communications are “off”. She can’t see you or hear you and she can’t tell you if you are serious or sarcastic. So it is important to exaggerate your communications to have advantage. Being uninteresting, boring and predictable will harm you much worse within an online world.

In case your message doesn’t create some kind of emotion in her, it will get lost in the shuffle and so are you. On the other hand, when you understand how to use texts to constantly trigger feelings in girl, she can get emotionally addicted on you. You can learn the insider secrets to use text messaging and begin to trigger attraction to a girl.

The Key Lock Sequence of Magnetic Messaging program is such a system that you can use to trigger those feelings in women. It can text your way out of the friend zone, quickly boost things back up with a girl that is “slipping away” or get a girl you just met, pursuing you, fighting for your attention, doing work to win you over.

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