Great Conversation Starters With Girls - Key Lock Sequence

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Starting a communication with a new girl or a stranger has always been a hard nut to crack, because of the fear that one might get judged. The most common question is “How do I start a conversation with them?”. To navigate through this awkward social situation, you need to have a handful of questions up your sleeve, since no one knows when you might need to start a conversation.

Remember a few things before you proceed any further: be confident, always take your chances, and don’t stretch your first conversation for too long. Keep it normal, healthy and funny. Be it your first date, your first social meeting, or your first day at work, conversation starters work like a charm to know your colleagues, partner or crush, better. The biggest hurdle that comes your way, when trying to establish good ties with a new person is breaking the ice.

In below article you find 200 great conversation starters for every situation.


200 Great Conversation Starters for All Situations

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