What Is The Most Powerful Non-Physical Trait That Attracts Women ? - Key Lock Sequence

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Attraction is not all about looks. We all have people in our lives who make us happy, people we like to be around. On the other side, there are people we want to avoid because they make us feel drained or emotionally stressed.

Attraction – We Know It When We Feel It

Research reveals how attraction works. A major factor in our attraction to others is the way they make us feel. When people make us happy, optimistic and hopeful, we want to see them again.

It is about the way people make us feel. In a study entitled “Why Do You Make Us Feel Good?”, Raul Berrios examined how affective presence affects romantic interest.

They suggest that attracting and bonding with women, agreeableness, extraversion and positive, emotional, affective presence create positive emotions and predict relational success.    

Read more about this study by clicking on the resource link below.


Here Is “The Most Powerful Non-Physical Trait That Attracts Others – Research reveals how attraction to others is really about us”

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