Targeting Emotions In Your Texts - Key Lock Sequence

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You have to reframe the way you think about sending text messages from :

“What should I write?”


“What emotion do I want to create in her?”

When you make this mental switch, it suddenly becomes much easier to craft the perfect text message. Most guys have a problem to figure out what to write a girl because they don’t really have a goal in mind. Each text that you send her should have some kind of goal in it. And this goal should always ignite some kind of emotion in a woman.

We Live In An "Attention Deficit World"

Each woman that you are texting with has hundreds of messages bombarding her every day ( Facebook messages, IM chats, texts, phone calls, Skype, Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, …). You are competing for her very limited "attention span".

If your message doesn’t create some sort of emotion in her, it will get lost in the shuffle. And so are you …

When you learn how to use text to constantly trigger emotions in her, she starts to get "emotionally addicted" to you. You flip the switch and she starts CHASING YOU.

Stirring emotions in women has NOTHING to do with flowery, descriptive stories. Your goal is NOT to write emotional texts.

The goal is to have an emotional response to the texts that you send to her!

Emotional Responses

Let us examine some different emotional responses like laughter, suspense, anger, joy, anticipation, confusion, disappointment, trust and fear. You are probably looking at that list and thinking why in the world would I want to create anger or disappointment?

And the answer is because your only goal is to snap her out of her boredom trance and get her thinking about YOU.

The bigger variety of emotions that you can produce her, the more time she spends thinking about you.

What happens when someone makes you angry? Chances are you spend the next hour playing over the situation in your mind, thinking about it and analyzing it. That person, whoever made you angry, has found a way to capture your limited attention span. And he now has your FULL ATTENTION.

What happens if you text a girl “I just realized you totally remind me of…”? And then you don’t finish the sentence or text her back when she asks “who?”. She will be in SUSPENSE for the next hour wondering who she reminds you of. It is human nature. It’s how television shows get us to sit through commercials.

How about laughter? Who doesn’t like to laugh? Instead of simply saying, “What you doing later?” (Logical and boring) use a humorous anecdote: “I think the world is coming to an end. I just saw an old man roller blading with nothing but tube socks and a fanny pack. So what you doing later?”. By triggering the emotional response of laughter, she’ll be much more open to your suggestion to hang out later.

Emotion Wheel

Every text exchange should elicit some sort of emotion in her. It is handy to look at the emotion wheel below.

Try to make sure that you’re hitting a wide variety of emotions during your various text exchanges.

Emotion Wheel

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