How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text - Key Lock Sequence

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In this video, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio are talking about texting all the wrong things to girls that cause these girls to slip away and give you never a second date. They are also talking about the wrong approach to ask a girl out over text and how to do it in the good way.

How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

My Thoughts ?

This video provides a huge amount of useful information. Here are the points that stuck out for me as I reviewed the video:

  1. Bobby talks about texting all the wrong things to girls that cause these girls to slip away and give him never a second date. Everything that he has achieved in the first meeting, he was killing over text. He could not find out what was wrong until Rob slapped him in the face. This woke him up and set him on the right track.

  2. The myth that is crippling your texting skills is all about how you ask a girl out over text. Most guys take the intuitive approach, which is the wrong approach. They are setting up a date like it is the 1950s or the 1960s where you need a formal invitation and set up a date a couple of days in advance.

  3. If it is your girlfriend or a girl that you know for a long time, making this effort is great, good to make some romance. But if this is a girl that you don’t know that well or you have only been on one or two dates with her and you are starting doing all these kind of efforts, you are looking from the wrong mindset. The way you should be looking at it as look this is 2019 and the things are much more casual. The smartphone has revolutionized dating, the way we set up dates, the way we get to know people.

  4. When you set up a date and you do it in the old-fashioned way of "Hey, what are you doing Friday night? Let’s meet up." You are really pigeonholing yourself and you are preventing yourself from probably meeting up with her. When you set up a date in the sense of "Hey, I am going be here. Why don’t you meet up with me?, it opens the ability to set up as many dates or continue to set up as many dates as you want.

  5. Bobby gives the example of a girl that he randomly invited several times on parties, some times she said yes, sometimes she said no, but since he was never giving her a formal date, he never really got rejected and a few weeks later she is going home with him. Had he a few weeks earlier asked her out on a formal date, like most guys are texting, like – "I bought tickets to this concert and I asked her if she wanted to go with me. And she said No to me" – Getting rejected is nothing to shame about but it gets hard to you from that point to ask her out again. Now you are putting her in a position to reject you. The question now is "How many times will you do that before you give up?"

  6. If you are throwing things out there, you can literally have 10 different girls. Throw it out there: "Hey, I am going to be here. Why don’t you meet me for some ice cream?" or "Hey, I am going to be here. Why don’t we do this? And if they don’t respond? You can go on forever

  7. Never set up dates on Friday or Saturday night. It should be time to meet with friends or meet new girls. The weekend is not a good time to go out with that you don’t know that well. You should set up dates on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or sometimes on Sunday.

  8. If you can constantly throwing out invitations and have that attitude of playful persistence that you really don’t care what the outcome is and not take it too seriously, it will be much easier for you to handle rejection or when she says no and you can keep pursuing her. When you set up these big romantic invitations and she said no, it will look bad and you will feel embarrassed and be weird.

  9. Debunk the myth that attraction is black or white. Women’s feelings change from moment to moment. They are like most guys. If a girl catches you on a wrong day, for example when you are very busy or hard at work, you may say no because you don’t want to mess it up. But the same text two days later, when you are in a good mood, you will go and meet her. When a girl pulls out her phone and she sees your text message, you don’t know what is her state of mind. She can be yelled at by her boss or just talking with her ex-boyfriend who is thinking about getting back together. You have no clue what is going on in her life when she gets your text. Her life changes on a day-to-day basis. It is about to caption her at the right moment.

  10. As long as she doesn’t say to you “Stop texting me” or “I have a boyfriend”, you can throw out hooks to her but do it in a playful way and you will get the most amount of dating success. You don’t know what is going on in her life or how she feels. She might really like you, but maybe it is a bad time for her.

  11. The Key Lock Sequence came from a lot of trials and a lot of errors. When Rob moved to New York, he was getting a lot of phone numbers but not a lot of dates and it was frustrating. He was determined to figure this out and unlock this. He tried all combinations of texts, all types of texts. Eventually, he sifted away from the absolute most effective way to go about this. And the way to do it is by sending just three texts because when you start sending her more texts, she starts to get annoying or get weird or starts to wonder why you aren’t asking her out.

  12. Girls will say "no" to you if they are in a logical state of mind and you say something like "Hey, what’s up? or Hey, how are you doing?" – Logically she will respond "Nothing much" or "I am doing well". When you ask these sort of pleasantries, you set her up to respond logically. When a girl is making a sexual decision whether to meet up with you or go home with you, she can’t make that decision in a logical way.

  13. Logical = NO – it is like buying a new car and start thinking about the payments that you got to make and the gas mileage. You always start to talk yourself into no. But emotionally, that is where you start to make "yes" decisions.

  14. An Emotional state of mind = YES. You can picture a girl that you like and picture her laughing with your jokes, leaning over, trying to listen to everything that you are saying, agreeing to everything that you are saying, she is all bubbly, she is dancing in a funny, animated way. Just imagine a girl acting like that and then you can actually imagine taking the girl by the hand, taking her out of the bar and going home with her and having awesome sex. The reason that you could imagine that is when a girl is in that fun, playful state of mind, that is when they are very open to moving a romantic relationship forward, like giving her number, meeting her for a date, making out or going home with you. All these things will happen when she feels good emotions and those good emotions are coming from you.

  15. This is what the Key Lock Sequence does, it is all predicated on creating the three most important good emotions that a woman needs to feel before she is going to feel good about meeting up with you for a date. If you want a "Yes" answer, you need to first invoke and capitalize on it as quickly as possible because emotions fade. A woman feels an emotion but if you don’t capitalize on it, sure something else will take her attention away and that will make her emotions fade. And two days later you say, come let’s hang out and the emotion is gone. Now you are back to ask her a logical question and logical questions get no.

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