How to "Mind Control" a Girl Over Text - Key Lock Sequence

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In this video, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio explain how to show the right way of “interest” over text. Most guys make one of two mistakes. They come on too strong or compliment her too much and appear ‘desperate or creepy. Or they don’t show any sexual interest in her and wind up her “text buddy” stuck in the friend zone. This video reveals exactly how to send a compliment that gets her turned on and wanting to see you.

My Thoughts?

This video provides a huge amount of useful information. Here are the points that stuck out for me as I reviewed the video:

  1. Emotion is the name of the game in text messaging. You should focus on the emotions, everything else are details. If you get a girl emotional, this means that you get her attention and you can get her on a date. A lot of guys don’t get this. They think if I have a great conversation or she seems to like me or if I buy her enough drinks, these things are irrelevant. Emotions are the currency of dating. Get her emotional investment in what you are texting her is crucial.

  2. Emotion = Attention! A lot of guys send her “Hey” or “Yo” or “What’s Up” or “How is your day going?”, this text isn’t sparking any sort of emotion in her!! When she sees that text, she is bored and not in a state to respond!

  3. Emotions allow you to mind control a girl. For example, you are driving your car and some guy cuts you off. And he gives you the finger. Your emotion and anger swell. For the next hour, you are replaying that scene in your mind and talking to other people about it. It is human nature. Our emotions dictate what is on our mind. We recommend that you use positive emotions, laughter, .. but there are so many more emotions. And the more emotions that you plugin to her is like driving a radio-control car and you are driving it from the distance.

  4. Emotion Wheel = a graph with 12 different emotions. It is like throwing darts into all these different emotions. If you always throw into laughter, she will get bored. What happens when a girl disappoints you? You go through an emotional rollercoaster with her!

  5. Men are stimulated visually eg. by Playboy, Swimsuits Illustrated, guys watching porn. Men get turned on by seeing a beautiful woman. Playgirl and women porn you don’t see so much. Women like more soap series, comedies, sex and the city, …. When they are watching these shows or reading this stuf, it hits them emotionally. It is like women porn for them. Emotions are like porn to women.

  6. Favorite emotions: anticipation and suspense. Example: write “Holy shit! I just realized who you remind me of …” and then never answer or respond. A part of her mind is waiting for that second text to come. You are creating an open loop into her mind. She can’t focus on other things. Now she is waiting for your next text. You are conditioning her on your messages.

  7. With girls that aren’t responding or are ignoring you. Example: write “I hate you”. Usually, they are not happy when they respond. Girls are very aware of how she is seen by the people. They are used to guys who are kissing their ass, telling how beautiful and great she is all day. You should break that pattern. Answer with “Because we haven’t had a drink together!”. Use emotions as a bait to write back to you. Check the emotion wheel, if humor and suspension isn’t working, try another emotion like surprise. She did not expect this message!

  8. The days of most people are boring and predictable. People pay a lot of money to be surprised, that is why they go to the movies to get that shock value. Example: write “What are you feeling about having a lovechild?”. She snaps out of the border trance, you surprised her and you have her full attention now!

  9. Look at the emotion spin wheel and ask yourself which emotion can I send to her? Eg. surprise, suspense, humor, anger. Anger is very addictive, people like to argue about things, think about politicians or about football. The wider variety of emotions you send her, the more of her mind you begin to control. But it needs to be balanced with your own personality.

  10. The biggest problems most guys have with women is running out the things to say, not knowing good things to say, saying the wrong things. Text messaging builds your communication muscles with women in a low-stress way. It is a way to learn to communicate with women better and to improve your communication skills. Text messaging is a low-pressure way to learn how to communicate with women

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