How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl? - Key Lock Sequence

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In this video, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio explain how to avoid the common mistakes most guys make with their first text messages to girls.

My Thoughts?

This video provides a huge amount of useful information. Here are the points that stuck out for me as I reviewed the video:

  1. Debunk the myth or idea that the way you start a conversation with a girl via text is the same when you would in person. This is destroying the ability of guys to create fun vibes with women.

  2. You have to think in the way of having a text conversation with a girl. This is a counter-intuitive and completely different mindset than when you approach a woman in person or talk with her. There is no need for pleasantries, small talk, greetings, etc. No need for this when you have a conversation over text. Your first text should not be: "Hey, what’s up? ", "Hey, how is it going?" or "How was your day today?".

  3. The most devastating, hurtful things that happens when you send a girl a text like that is that it makes her think too much. Does she think “What the hell do I write to this text?” She doesn’t hava a good response and she puts her phone away or will answer later. It puts too much pressure on her to come up with something to say. She just wants to laugh and have something immediately to say to you.

  4. You want to start a text message in the middle of a conversation or with a fast-forward opening. Example: "I just had a life-changing cup of coffee. Hope you have a good morning too." This way you jump right in the conversation and start the interaction with the girl. And it doesn’t put a burden on her to respond.

  5. It tells a lot about your personality when your texting stuff is relevant. Anyone can write a text like "Hey, what’s up?". This gives her no sense about who you are. She has not a favorable vision of what you like.

  6. Best start sending messages that are congruent to you and your identity. You write something that is funny or interesting. If she sees that, she gets a very clear sense of who you are. Start the part that you are most comfortable with. This will give her the same emotions and feelings. Not by starting awkwardness – "Hey, I met you yesterday at the bar. How are you doing?"

  7. Talk in a way that you are already good friends, that you are in a relationship with her. And that is how she will respond back to you.

  8. The best natural aphrodisiac that you have in your fingertips is by displaying your unique personality as soon as possible. You do this by starting the conversation right in the middle.

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