Magnetic Messaging Program - Key Lock Sequence
Magnetic Messaging Program

Magnetic Messaging guide is a tried and tested method of improving your communication skills. It teaches you the secrets of how to construct powerful text messages that get your message attractively across.

“Easy to understand, practical advice that can be used to help you send more effective texts to women. Lots of examples provided. The principles shown here can be applied to how you interact with women face to face as well as on the phone.”

The “Key Lock Sequence” is step-by-step method designed to score the date, keep the girl interested and move past the dating stage to the relationship stage.

These are the three components:

  • Sparking an emotion = stand out with your text and grab her attention
  • Making a connection = create a bond and talk about something that is significant
  • Handling logistics = sealing the deal, secure the date, proposing a meeting

It is important to state that Magnetic Messaging program is not only all about how you get a girl through text messages. But also about the principle of attractive communication.

Magnetic Messaging is classified into three phases according to the stage of the relationship:

  1. You want to date her
  2. You are kind of dating her
  3. And you are dating her.

It all depends on the phase or stage of the relationship; you are expected to text appropriately.

“This ebook teaches you when and how much to text. You will know what next to do if she does not respond, you will learn how to follow her up after a date, learn how to text girls you have just have sex with and you will also learn how to make her send you naked pictures.”

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