When To Text A Girl (Best First Texts To Send) - Key Lock Sequence

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In this video, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio explain when it is best to send a text message to a girl and how to avoid the common mistakes most guys make with their first text messages.

This video provides a huge amount of useful information. Here are the points that stuck out for me as I reviewed the video:

  1. Debunk common myths regarding texting girls that you are interested in and that you want to have a relationship with or on a date. There are all sort of rules and urban legends about texting

  2. The first myth is that you have to wait a specific amount of time before texting a girl. This possibly originates from the movie Swingers with the three-day rule. Many guys are thinking: how long should I wait, should I wait one day or three days? Should I pretend that I am not interested? Even having those thoughts, means that you are thinking in the wrong direction. These thoughts are not very helpful to get the girl out on a date.

  3. The way you should be thinking about is, what I am going to text her. The content of your text is much more important than the timing of the text. What is the purpose of waiting when your first message sucks or is a boring message? Three days passed and she forgets all the good things about you and now you send her a message that sucks… The first thing that you remind her now is that you are like every other guy that sends her a message.

  4. You don’t want to text her too much but the timing doesn’t matter that much if the first message is good. Texting her sooner is actually better than later.

  5. A lot of guys are fixating on waiting to send her messages, thinking that it will make them mysterious. But the only thing that it does for the girl is that it makes her realize that this is a guy that she never will meet up with. Rob is texting a girl right back, the minute after they text him, he responded.

  6. Sometimes you have to step back and wait for texting her. For example when you are hungry or drunk and you know that you will say the wrong thing. But these are the exceptions and in general, this is not the approach to take.

  7. Especially with the girl that you just met and trying to make a first impression on, it is so important that you approach a text like you are continuing the conversation and not playing a mind game or strategically sending her messages. You are just resuming the conversation that you already had with her.

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